blue at home

Two Easy Ways to Offer BLUE

Blue@Home Direct From Vets

A New Way to Help Your Patients and Improve Your Practice

Now you can offer your clients BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet® products through a direct-to-clinic and direct-to-home delivery program. Take advantage of exclusive benefits for both your clinic and your clients through this convenient program.

Direct-to-Clients Program

When you prescribe BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet formulas, your clients can enjoy direct-to-home shipping without additional cost!

Benefits for your clients

  • FREE shipping on all orders
  • Quick delivery in 2 to 3 business days
  • Exclusive 5% discount with auto-delivery

Benefits for your clinic

  • Increased feeding compliance with easy shipping and automated delivery
  • Reduced operating costs with no need to stock inventory
  • 15% revenue sharing on all BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet products

In-clinic NVD Retail and Kennel Feeding Program

You can purchase and stock BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet formulas for immediate distribution to your clients via in-clinic NVD retail program.

  • BLUE NVD shipped free to your clinic
  • Orders arrive within 2 to 3 business days
  • No bale order required

Plus, you can offer BLUE OTC products for in-clinic pets at a discounted price.

  • Order quickly and easily online
  • Choose from top selling BLUE products, plus NVD GI formula for dogs and cats
  • 30% off retail price exclusive to BLUE@Home in-clinic feeding

Staff Feeding Program

Offer your staff up to a 30% discount on top-selling BLUE products.

  • All eligible staff can sign up at for discounted BLUE products
  • Convenient online ordering
  • BLUE products are delivered directly to their homes
  • Free shipping on all orders


Direct-to-Client Shipping Program

Direct-to-Client Shipping Program wheel